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(swen•nat•ic) n.

1) n. A Swensons fanatic
2) (2009) From the 75yr anniversary cup: n. One who
♢ Is bound for NE Ohio and Swensons is first on the to do list
♢ Has been challenged to a Galley Boy eating contest
♢ Has shipped burgers across the country
♢ Has Swensons on speed dial to order
♢ Keeps a menu at home, work and the car
♢ Has eaten at Swensons more than once in a day
♢ Knows how many milkshake combinations can be made ...

3) A person who hears the word Swensons or Galley boy & starts salivating at the mouth as it won't leave their mind for days.. unless they already ate some recently, have it in front of them, or plan to go there soon if not today (yes it's like the Dark Side of drive-in resturants) to satisfy their case of the munchies

4) One who hears about others favorite burger joint being the best, and immediately says something along the lines of: Well because you haven't really been to Ohio yet.
Outsider friend: This is like the 3rd time you've been to Swensons this week bro! Your such a Swenatic! Wait, why do I know that word?
Luke or NE1 who 8 there b4: Because you hang around me a lot, and I can't help it man - it represents my past, present, and future favorite restaurant!
New Swenatic: OK Luke, you were right. You were right, it is that damn good!
by Jeydo C January 08, 2016
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