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To be Amazing at Tug of War. Strong. Powerful. Ultimately a Swellhead is a natural predator and a born winner.
Omg did you see them guys win at Tug of War....They are such swellheads
by LordFrosty46 August 26, 2014
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1) Someone who has a massive head

2) Someone who is very cocky and arrogant
1) "Look at the swell head on Barry"

2) "Siroos your a f**kin swell head"
by Danny Hird December 27, 2005
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someone with an oversized head rather like
a balloon.
woodsey has a swellhead
by Woodsey November 06, 2003
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Noun: 1.) a person who has become infatuated with the idea of power 2.) someone who thinks they are above all others after being given a minor position of authority; those with swell head are unable to listen to the thoughts and ideas of their colleagues due to the pressure from the swelling inside their head. 3.) the penis that a person has been sucking in order to attain this position of power/authority.
Egomaniac work slut's brown nosing finally worked and now her swell head was out of control as the boss put her in charge of being in charge. We all wondered if he was concealing his swell head beneath his trousers after long meetings with work slut.
by Fair Lady January 07, 2011
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