Now taken to mean sweet Fuck All this phrase was contrived from the orignal phrase sweet fanny adams which ment pretty much the same, bugger all.
"how much did that cost ya?"
"Sweet FA, s'off back of a truck innit"
by Pweeb January 4, 2004
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come from sweet fanny adamsand means bugger all, or nothing...
whilst I have been working hard all day, you have down sweet FA
by MICHELLE October 15, 2003
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Hard rock band from Indianapolis Indiana who released albums in 1989 and 1991. The band's crew wore backstage passes with a photo of a scantily clad feminine backside. F.A. was hence 'Fucking Ass'.
Did you see that girl? She sure had a sweet FA (fucking ass).
by michael colter September 4, 2007
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from the aussie words sweet "f" all
smoe people use it as a !
like "holy shit"
by oiuygfd October 9, 2003
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that's me and my band's definition
check us out at and kiss our sweet funky asses
by kp November 22, 2003
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