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Once the male obtains the cup or glass, he must fill it with a tequila. The male may fill the cup or glass with as much tequila as he pleases, however, we strongly recommend a healthy dosage. The male must then come back to the same room of the female, and pour the now ejaculation and urine combination into the tequila-filled cup or glass. Once the liquid is mixed, the male may add a heterogeneous amount of accessory liquids such as Kool-Aid or a common fruit smoothie. However, this is entirely up to the male. The liquid is now ready to follow the next step. The male will now grab a pack of Jell-O Gelatin and prepare such gelatin with the mixed liquid and whatever flavor of Jell-O Gelatin. For instructions on how to prepare this gelatin, search either on the packaging of the Jell-O Gelatin or the internet.

Now that there is a combined liquid & Jell-O combination, the male should now come back to the bedroom and then take the gelatin and rub it on specific areas, such as the ears, the vagina, the mouth, or wherever else the couple pleases. While following this act, the male must play the sex role of whispering phrases or sentences into the females ear (0.3"-1" away). Example phrases are "Did you know I sexually abused a pygmy marmoset?" or "Would you care for a Triscuit?" while performing an impression of famous actor Morgan Freeman.
They were daring enough to do Swedish Friday on the Rocks part 2.
by Ballz to the Wallz July 11, 2014
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