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A person/kid who thinks they are so great and amazing because they play Minecraft, love PewDiePie and rant against their enemies. These are often seen as twelve year olds, have no life and spend most of their life playing Minecraft, COD, watching Pewds and getting mad. These people also wish to move to Sweden and get a job at Mojang thinking it will be fun playing Minecraft all day when technically they're not, and just sitting in a chair coding all day.

Swedaboos are also seen in YouTube comments asking to get into Stampy's love garden and like what all their Minecraft YouTubers like. They are also seen to wear YouTuber's skins on Minecraft Servers and name themselves with a misspelt version of the actual YouTuber's name. They can also be seen to say 'G***', BUDDER! and KILL THE SQUIDS! in respect of SkydoesMinecraft and hates those against him. These people will f*** you up if you dare to say anything against their favourite Youtubers, and they can never be quenched because they are also stubborn, angry 12 year olds.

They are basically die-hard fanboys.

Origin: 'Sweden' from the place Mojang is and 'aboo' from the word 'weeaboo'
Examples of what Swedaboos say:

"I want to go to Sweden to work at Mojang"
"I only like Mario Kart because Stampy plays it"
"Can I get in your love garden?"
"I only like anime because Pewds watches it"
"Don't talk shit about Pat and Jen, they're really good YouTubers"
by LordVoldOtaku December 28, 2015
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