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Apparently the word the Brits use is 'Chav.'

Young British guys, usually teenagers to mid-twenties, who wear sweatpants all the time, sagged down below their skinny asses. They are pimple-faced, have over-gel'd hair and may even have a design shaved into their hair like Kanye West, or a couple of lines shaved into one or both eyebrows. They may be missing a tooth.

They will often be found on city buses accompanied by their teenage girlfriend or wife and their 2 kids. They usually wear a baseball cap turned sideways and rarely wear a coat, as hooded sweatshirts are apparently enough, even when it's snowing out. They have an abundance of cheap-looking bling, an outdated model of cell phone and designer sneakers.

They speak in a dialect that is incomprehensible to the unsuspecting American. They are always either smoking or rolling a cigarette, or they have one tucked behind their ear for later. They can also be spotted carrying a greasy fast-food bag, presumably full of cheeseburgers for their kids.
Dude, what the hell? Why are there a bunch of puny wanna-be homies around here? They look like K-Fed.

Oh them, they're part of the sweatpant mafia.
by Estancia1234 February 15, 2010
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