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The most 1337 gamer in PC and xbox 360 gaming. he's prestiged 10 times in both modern warfares, got 1000/1000 in all games, eats hot pockets and dominate everyone in left 4 dead pc. hands down, GANGSTA
Mik: " alright guys lets beat these noobs, uh yeah gangsta!"
*swamp rock joins enemy team*
Mik: "never mind guys we're gonna.." *gets headshotted by swamp rock*
by miggy521 January 13, 2010
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The resin scrapings from the inner walls of a bong mashed together to form rocks

A.K.A the most flavoursome form of resie smokable

Can be shortened to β€˜swampies’ but only if yer a sick cunt
Oh yea cunt goin down bush fora dart anyone got swamp rocks? I’m fiendin some swampies Rn cuh
by Twezmaster4213 June 12, 2019
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