A woman that does sexual favors in exchange for her drug of choice, usually minimal amounts.
That hoodrat will suck your dick good for a dub sack. What a fuckin' swamp-donkey.
by B$LL May 03, 2012
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noun: a male member that has not been properly cleaned thus is profusely sweaty and carries a potent odor, similar to a dirty gym sock full of baby batter.
Dude i had Mary suck my swampdonkey last night after we finished running.
by B&G June 13, 2007
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Usually an oversize, full grown, facial haired woman who enjoys lots of makeup, bbq meats, big trucks, low lit dive bars, any natural musk, wranglers that are 4 sizes too small, and cuddlin. Usually possess a fupa and/or huge vagina.
"Dave was warned by his buddies not to go after her due to the fact that she looked like Buffalo Bill and had a 19 yr old kid, but the thought of that worn out Swamp Donkey bucking on top of him was too much for him to resist"

"Burr was enthralled with the fact that 4 college girls moved in next door...He was even more excited when he was able to give the Swamp Donkey of the bunch a rear admiral"
by tfulf August 13, 2008
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Cajun Coon-ass; a man born in the cajun land, Layfeyette, who lives life spicier than the spiceiest!
A Swamp Donkey is always hammered; especially on a Sunday Night playing Caps to the wee hours in the morning... Dont know what caps is??? It is a drinking game. Look it up
by Justin Loomis January 27, 2008
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a teenage girl who has sex with anything that has legs and a heart-beat. some may find her attractive. but when they see all the symptoms of her nasty STIs she's got down there they run... FAST - watch out buddddd!
WOW! Denise is such a swamp donkey!!!
by :)missy!!!<3 February 16, 2009
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