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Borderline-retarded teenagers (and sometimes twenty-somethings) who think that having "swag" holds any meaning in the real world. Swagophiles have become very common in social media recently, especially facebook and tumblr. Swagophiles are known to post sentimental BS over a filtered instagram photo in an attempt to sound deep, when really it is just a cry for attention. Swagophiles also have the tendency to believe that having "swag" is more important than anything, including, but not limited to intelligence/good grades/education, a unique personality, an actual talent, friends, etc.
Retarded Swagophile#1: Who needs good grades when you have swag?

Retarded Swagophile#2: Who needs a condom when you got swag?

Retarded Swagophile#3: Who needs a personality when you got swag?

Forever Alone Swagophile: Who needs friends when you got swag?

Retarded Swagophile#4: Oh my god, look at this quote I posted over an instagram photo, I'm so deep!!!
by TurkTurkleton July 13, 2012
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