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Swagnemite is not a noun, neither a verbal or an adjective. Swagnemite is a nickname.

Swagnemite (Originally magnemite) is the youngest of three brothers, the other two being Magneton and Magnezone. Swagnemite at a young age thought bad of himself because he was to say the least, inferior to his brothers, at least in battle that is. He lived every day of his life in remorse, until a faithful singular day, where he got contacted by the illuminati. The illuminati wanted Swagnemite to work as a spy, why, might you ask? Well, who's less suspicious than a sad kid living his life in sad remorse?
After this, swagnemite began actively taking jobs from the illuminati, eventually earning a higher rank inside the group. In 2013, swagnemite was recognized as a well accomplished spy in the ranks of the illuminati. Some say that he's the inventor of the NSA, and secretly hacked the pentagon prior to 9/11. Post 2013, swagnemite joined the swag hype and began wearing a cap, hence the nickname Swagnemite.

Later this name has been dreaded and now serves as a word to replace "USA" in spy situations.
Person 1: Duuude, I think we're being watched by USA right now!
Person 2: Or even worse, swagnemite.
by WtfHax January 30, 2015
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