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1. The art of having a substantial amount of swag or swagger.
2. Often used to describe something to be great, awesome, and/or incredibly nice.
3. A term used to describe when someone looks good, and/or sexy.
1. Daniel: Yo, your snapback is pretty swagadocious.
White Sophisticated Man: Why thank you.

2. Daniel: Hey, Pedro.
Pedro: What man?
Daniel: You remember them 3 chicks I was talking to?
Pedro: Yeah.
Daniel: Now I'm talking to 4.
Pedro: Swag *shakes his hand*
Daniel: No, swagadocious!

3. *On the phone*
Pedro: Yo, Daniel!
Daniel: Yo!
Pedro: Guess what man?

Daniel: What's up?
Pedro: I got us tickets to theeee SUPERBOWL!!!
Daniel: WHAT!? That's swagadocious.
by Daniel Cray Cray III February 05, 2012
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1) A version of the word swag used when a particular object or situation holds an immensely high level of swag

2) How surfers/beach bums/valley girls incorporate swag into their vernacular; is used in the same way swag would be used but is more accepted in surfer/valley girl circles
1) Friend 1: I heard you went to the Lupe Fiasco concert last weekend. How was it?
Friend 2: Dude, there were lights flashing and hot girls everywhere, and Lupe was spittin' fire. He even had Pharrell as a guest! That concert was swagadocious.

2) Chase: Hey Kelly, are you still up for going to the mall this weekend?
Kelly: Totally, Blaine. I, like, can't wait.
Chase: Alright, I'll pick you up at around seven in the sweet new sports car my dad got me.
Kelly: Swagadocious. See you then!
by V.F. Dolenz May 18, 2011
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