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The most awesome girl you will meet ever in the history of ever.She will love you like no other and make love like no other. Find her. Keep her. She's amazing and did I mention she's beautiful?
A gorgeous girl with a great sense of humour. Although can be a little stubborn at times, she is a true sweetheart.

Someone you can always count on and trust. Very caring and loyal. Knows how to lend a good ear.
She knows what she wants and is extremely talented. Somewhat of a showoff, but in a good way! A girl with an excellent way of thinking.
I wish I could be like Sveva, graceful and strong.
Sveva you're so damn awesome I wish I was you!
I will never let you go Sveva.
Sveva you're my one, my love, my everything.
by newnextgirl April 11, 2010
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Sveva was originally an Italian name and a sveva is a courageous, crazy and outgoing girl. She's a bit of a tomboy and only wears a skirt when her mom makes her. She hates makeup and dresses the most!

Growing up, her best friends were always boys or other tomboy girls and she developed schoolgirl crushes on all of them! Her sexuality is obvious to those around her but she is always in denial. Her friends know she loves fanny AND cock (but fanny more)!!
She can be very shy, but once she trusts you, sveva is an animal! Especially in bed if you're lucky enough to experience it...
She's always smart and is beautiful in a girl-next-door way, attracting all the neighbourhood boys because she is better at sports than them !

She is a great lover of the outdoors and animals but also loves staying in with her family
That Sveva totally whooped my ass in soccer today.

Who is your sister going on a date with?
Oh, idk, some Sveva.
by Swagman95 May 18, 2014
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