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means.. ruler or conquerer.... from the word Sweden... Svea was the first queen of Sweden and 'sweden' literally means svearike or svea's kingdom
Mother Svea, or Moder Svea, is a national emblem of Sweden. Normally depicted as a powerful shieldmaiden with one or two lions, her name, Svea, is a Swedish female name which derives from svea an old plural genitive form meaning "of the Swedes" as in Svea rike meaning "kingdom of the Swedes", an older form of Sverige, the Swedish name for Sweden.
by vyktory February 03, 2010
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Svea, a beautiful person. Shes insanely smart , learns fast, has a great sense of humor, very cleaver and she can make and keep friends easily. Full of endless passion and her physical beauty is amazing. A stunning person. She will never hurt you or go against you. Someone you want on your side.
by Bubblespenis February 08, 2012
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