Takehaya Susanoo no Mikoto(Or simply better known as Susanoo) is one of the gods of Japan's native religion, Shinto. He is brother to Amaterasu-ōmikami( Queen of the Shinto Pantheon and the goddess of the sun) and Tsukuyomi no Mikoto (Shinto deity of the moon). Susanoo himself is part of the "Shinto trinity" and the god of storms and the sea.
Teacher: Now today we will talk about The shinto religion, which is nat-
Student: (excitedly) You mean like Susanoo right?! The guy that can shit out lightning?!
Teacher: "shit out"... You mean "shoots" lightning, right?...
Student: ...
Student: No I'm pretty sure it's "shit"
by READIT!!! March 10, 2018
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Susanoo/Susanoo no mikoto is the brother to Amaterasu(goddess of the sun and universe and king of the shinto gods) and Tsukuyomi(goddess of the moon). Susanoo is the shinto god who rules over the sea and storms.

He was born in a traditional ritual performed by Izanagi to wash away his sins after abandoning his wife Izanami in the underworld. Izanagi washed his nose and Susanoo was created(amaterasu was born from the left eye, tsukuyomi was born from the right eye).

Susanoo is husband to Kushinada after saving her life from yamato no orochi the eight headed serpent
"susanoo" killed the intoxicated serpent with nothing but his sword
by Black opal June 6, 2019
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Susanoo is a old man who rapes children during their sleep, after he has done that he proceeds to run away from them
by PewPewshots November 15, 2017
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