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The other comments don't represent what Survivor's Dawn was at all. Yes, was. It was, and does not exist as of the time of this writing. Survivor's Dawn was a clan that originated on IRC in the Rizon server(As you can see from the other comments). However, it was a clan on two games: Naruto-Arena and Soul-Arena. Survivor's Dawn was built on the idea that people over the internet could share more than an association, but a friendship. I was a part of Survivor's Dawn. In fact, a leader of it. The times in Survivor's Dawn were great. We came up from a simple clan in the Arena communities and we soon began to get recognition for our abilities as a clan. Before we knew it, we were known by everyone in the community as a top clan. Then, a downturn. I watched as the people I knew in the clan gradually began to leave due to extenuating circumstances in real life. And then...Fin. It was over. What's the point of this revised definition, then? To give you, the reader, an accurate idea of what Survivor's Dawn was. Lately, though, I've began to re-think my stance on Survivor's Dawn. It was based on an idea, right? In fact, I still know and am friends with some of the members to this day. It was based around having a reliable group of friends you could count on. Simply, Survivor's Dawn is friendship. That's the heart of Survivor's Dawn. It does still exist, just without material existential proof. There's a little of Survivor's Dawn in everyone and that's what makes it so great.
Vincent: Hey, do you remember Survivor's Dawn?
Xio: Yeah, I'll never forget it.
Vincent: Do you think we did the right thing?
Xio: Definitely. After all, we are still friends. We definitely did the right thing.
by AFamiliarFace October 28, 2011
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Coolest clan probably in the history of IRC. It is loccated in Rizon ( and is run by an argentinian named VincentDirge (he's single ;D {Just kidding, he's married ._.}) So, join and stuff.
I'm part of Survivor's Dawn!!!
{Nick:Fag is now known as {S_D}Fag}
by Ekekekekekekekekekekek August 27, 2008
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Probably the coolest clan ever. Located on the IRC server rizon (
The only reason I added this definition is for publiscity from the owner of S_D (VincentDirge)
You better give me access for this, damn it >:|
"I'm in the clan Survivor's Dawn: Nick Fag is now known as S_DFag"
by Abarkuro August 26, 2008
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