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A very sweet girl who any guy will instantly fall in love with. She is tough and nice. She will never let you down. She is a weirdo and loves being a weirdo. No matter how pretty she is, she can still eat everything off her plate and yours too.
Kid-Hey look! It's the new girl.
Kid2-ugh, she's so beautiful, she's a Suriyah!
by Jdjfjr May 03, 2017
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•she has her dumb moments
•she is awesomely lame!
•is a weirdo
•every guys dream girl
•a Latina and can move like one too
•funny and weird
•loves to eat!!!
•she can look beautiful and eat a whole pizza by her self and. It want to share
•you loose her, you will feel like your life just ended.
•doesn't think about her self as all that. She loves to be weird!!
•loves sports!
•Timmy is her true love
Timmy:Who's that girl over there, she's stunning!
Michael:That's Suriyah. All the guys want her, even me.
Timmy:oh, you could have her dude.
Michael: No, it's fine. Go get her before someone else does! She's a Suriyah
by Jdjfjr February 27, 2017
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