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To quote someone, edit it and make it sound completely ridiculous
Where the original poster actually said:

"So you think you have what it takes (to cum in my butt)? AOD is now recruiting soldiers for our upcoming war against Feminem and the evil evil mainstream, so here are your requirements.

-Draw at least 3 pictures on your computer of you killing Feminem while he's in a compromising position with another rapper, make them as shitty as possible please (like my ass), and make sure write something along the lines of "OMG Feminem IS GAY LOL!" like a femifan does across the top of the drawing.
-Come to and suck up to DJ Jake as hard as you can etc etc..."

The insulter takes the quote and makes it sound dumb

So, you want to become a femi-fan? Well, my friends, that's very simple. Just follow these steps:

1 - If you're Christian, stop being Christian
2 - Get used to the homosexual world
3 - Become a poser
4 - Sniff glue
5 - Suck dicks
6 - Listen to Feminem and have wet dreams about him

So, there you go......That's how you become a femi-fan! I hope to see you at the femi-graduation.
by druss01uk June 29, 2004
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