A word used by doctors and nurses to imply that a patient's problems are all in their mind. The tentorium is a membrane just under the brain, so "supratentorial" refers to what is above that, namely the brain. This term can be used in front of the patient or patient's family because it sounds like technical jargon.
Patient: "Every time Dr Phil comes on TV, my arms and legs start twitching!"

Doctor, quietly to nurse: "Seems to be a supratentorial problem."

Then to patient, condescendingly: "Sorry, dear, we're just talking shop. Go on."
by DrDWK May 11, 2008
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The tentorium cerebelli is the membrane that separates the brain from the lower parts of your nervous system. Therefore, a supratentorial problem is NOT a way in which doctors can call you crazy without you knowing it. Rather, it is a way for them to define the cause of the neurological problem. Left supratentorial damage causes sensory and motor dysfunction on the right side of your face and body, and vice versa.
Patient: I cannot feel the left side of my face or the left side of my body, doc!
Doctor: Sounds like supratentorial damage.
Patient: Are you saying it's all in my head?
Doctor: Kinda. Damage to your right brain has caused you to lose all feeling on the left side of your face and body.
by RealDoc June 02, 2010
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Adjective describing patient complaints that have no medical basis, most likely concocted.
Intern: Mrs. Smith is asking for demerol again for her headache.
Resident: Don't worry, it's all supratentorial.
by alcoholic ivdu September 04, 2005
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