A devestating mixed martial arts striking technique in which a fighter lunges off the lead leg and strikes an opponent with a flying punch from the trailing, strong hand. Named for its resemblence to poses struck by Superman in the pages of DC comics.
My opponent dropped his hands, so I knocked him out with a Superman punch.
by Luke Peña February 28, 2007
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A basic Muay Thai technique (not a Mixed Martial Arts technique, as there's really no such thing.) Also known as the Cobra Punch or Kra-Dod Chok in Thai, it is effective when used properly after multiple thrown or feinted kicks to the opponents body or legs with the rear leg. The punch itself is thrown by faking a a straight kick with rear leg to drop the target's hands, then kicking it straight backwards to power through a straight rear punch. A good Superman Punch should strictly involve horizontal movement, no vertical movement or jumping as is commonly seen.
Georges St.- Pierre: I am not impressed with your performance!

Phil Nurse: Well, you still can't throw a Superman Punch worth dick.
by t_davis925 April 10, 2010
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A retarded punch that doesn't have any weight behind it and never does any damage. Very similar to the spinning backfist in effectiveness. It's devastating in the video game and it looks cool though so clearly it's a real technique!
"Thank god GSP connected with a left hook after that shitty superman punch or else he would have never knocked down Hughes!"
by mma faggoteer March 26, 2010
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1. A lethal punch used primarily in MMA where one leaps towards an opponent and connects a punch to the face.

2. A lethal punch used primarily after kinky sex where the man ejaculates over the womans back, wraps her in the blanket and then punches her into bed.
"Good God Richard, I want you to Superman Punch me like there's no tomorrow"
by jpcymru1 July 15, 2009
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