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A word which commonly refers to a nasty sexual encounter which involves: one man, one woman, and a bag of pop rocks. The male will coat his penis in pop rocks and then proceed to have sexual intercourse. This word may also be used as a verb: as in superbooming, having superboomed, etc. This phrase was first developed in Agerola, Italy by three stupid teens after hearing the bar's new drink for a suicidal combination of alcohol called the superboom. Since then it has been spread around Darien, CT where it has been used as a comic substitution for superman in the phrase "superman that ho!." In order to experience a "superboom", one can use any flavor of pop rocks although grape or cherry is preferred.
Man 1: Dude that girl was crazy last night!
Man 2: Really?
Man 1: Yeah she even said I could superboom her!
Man 2: Dude! That's sick.
Man 1: Yep... *With a sense of accomplishment* I was superbooming all night long.
by DanBobJoeG August 04, 2008
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