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An evil motherfucker that rides a badass hog. Discovered by Vatican scientists, but was later killed by Brian Griffin when he fired a gun that he received for free after buying some liquor in Texas.
Vatican scientists have announced that the devil is not the greatest threat to salvation due to the recent discovery of the Super Devil. The Super Devil is at least six inches taller than the Devil, rides a flying motorcycle, and carries a jar of marmalade which is believed to cause adultery.
by Jharp July 31, 2007
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As seen on Family Guy, you don't need to worry about the devil anymore, its the Super Devil you must worry about today. He possesses longer horns and rides a motorcycle and can fly. He is at least 6inch taller then the regular devil, and he carries a jug of marmalade that forces you to commit adultery.
Haha Satan. You dont scare me anym- Oh shit! Your not Satan! Your the Super Devil! Watch out! Hes got the Marmalade!
by TheGothicFish August 20, 2007
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