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An extremely sloppy, boring, badly played, overhyped game between the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears. It was played on February 4th, 2007, in Miami, FL. The Colts won 29-17. Peyton Manning was the MVP of the game, even though he only threw for 276 yards and 1 touchdown with an interception.
"Did you see Super Bowl XLI last night?"
"I turned it off after there were about 6 turnovers in the first half."
by Tremblay February 08, 2007
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Peyton Manning is the most overrated and overhyoed the postseason.

Seriously, how did he get the MVP with these stats: 25/38 (65%, solid), 247 yards (average 6.5 yards a pass, bad), one touchdown (considering he's Peyton fucking Manning, you'd expect more, hell his brother had more touchdowns in his Super Bowl appearance, and Eli is terrible!), one interception, which equates into an 81.7. Normally, that's seen a just meh, but this is Peyton Manning we're talking about, so there's more weight.

Dominic Rhodes ran for 113 yards on 21 carries (5.3 yards a carry, on the Bears defense!) and touchdown, yet he didn't get the MVP?
Don't get me wrong, I was glad Peyton got his ring, since he deserved it. But his victory isn't as good as the media says.

Don't forget, he was playing against an incredibly overrated Bears team that was led by Rex Grossman. If you gave any team two weeks to prepare against that, they're going to crush them.

Overall rating for Super Bowl XLI: 3/10.


-Peyton gets his ring
-Grossman gets raped


-Peyton is one of, if not the, most undeserving MVP in Super Bowl history.
-Rain made the game sloppy.
-06-07 Bears are one of the worst teams to make the Super Bowl.
by david smith, jr. January 29, 2009
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