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Sunset Greets the Moon is a band originally based out of Rocky Mt., North Carolina. The group, which can only be described as dance-rock, has developed into local music scene giants, slowly growing a fan base by playing any shows available to them.

Their live shows are often known as their strong point, and if you want the full experience of Sunset Greets the Moon (or SGTM as they're known among their fans) it is highly recomended that you go to a show.

Sunset Greets the Moon is one of the most amazing experiences you'll come across in NC, and they're soon to take over the world with their amazing dance driven insanity which could even make a guy in a wheelchair breakdance.
Guy 1: Sunset Greets the Moon is one of the best bands to ever grace NC with their presence.
Guy 2: (Thinks about SGTM) *Head explodes from greatness*
by Brian Heim November 27, 2006
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