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Type 1) One of those ass holes who wears sunglasses all the time. He either smokes or chews gum and has a job that involves pushing people around.

Type 2) A wimp who buys Aves and adops the act of a type 1 to try and seem bad ass.

Type 3) An average looking girl who wears huge sunglasses in hopes they will cover the majority of her face making her appear hotter than she actually is.

Type 4) A horny guy who wears sunglasses so girls can't tell he's checking them out.
famous sunglassholes:
*interstate cops {type 1}
*Agent Smith {type 1}
*Eric Cartman as cop (respect my athoritay) {type 2}
*Cyclops from x-men {type 2}
*Paris Hilton{type 3}
*Jack Nicholson {type 4}
*Ray Charles{type 4}(don't think I dont know what you're up to Ray)
by The Lonliest Monk August 30, 2007
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