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A mysterious sect of Mason-esque Londoners who lend themselves admirably, to the cause of consuming as much alcohol as possible each and every Sunday. Attendance is mandetory, non-negotiable and failure to adhere to this results in lifetime banishment from the boozey cult. Kudos will be awarded to those that fall over in the street, sell their offspring for gin and to the founding members Gemma, Javetory and Ade Von C0ck-a-lot.
"Dude what can we do today? It's Monday tomorrow but i feel like getting wrecked?"
"F*ck it... SUNDAY CLUB!"


"Where's Sunday-Club this week? Clapham is it?"
"No mate, Tottenham Court Road. Closer to Stringfellows that way."
by Ade1980 October 20, 2008
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