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SummerDawn is anyone who has her summers off. She's the most responsible, punctual, and highly organized teacher/school nurse/etc. most of the year but come June to August, she's a wild woman. In January, you'll see her carpooling her kids (and her neighbor's kids and their neighbor's kids) to soccer and dance classes after she gets off work, leading Girl Scouts meetings, and organizing the local fundraisers (all of them). She's the teetotaler of the group and always goes home before anyone else. If you cut her off in the street, she'll not only honk at you but she'll probably call your mom, too (yes, she has her digits). But come July, you'll find her wasted in a flamingo floatie in the pool. A night out could last until—gasp!—midnight! She might even entertain a weekend getaway WITHOUT her kids. But make no mistake, she's still checking her mail and balancing her checkbook on the daily.
Guy #1: Do you see that hot chick dancing on the bar over there? She looked like my little brother's teacher.
Guy #2: Yeah, that is his teacher. Wait...did she just take her top off?

Guy #3: Yep, his teacher's a SummerDawn.
by mcolette212 June 13, 2017
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