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The craziest post-apocalyptic mow-hawked aboriginal nutcase bastard ever to walk the wastelands. Makes Mr. T look like the ideal date to bring home to mother. Normally when you are an army that wears power armor and uses plasma weapons you do not fear a sun-scorched naked native with a sledge hammer—except for Sulik. Then you run. Partly to keep your face from being smashed in, partly because you’re afraid he’ll rape you in front of your comrades, partly to look for your children. Point is, you run.
Sulik: We an I iz goin ta dem house and bash dem chillinz in da face wit my hamma.

Chosen One: Um, we're in the middle of having to kill the whole town because I tried to steal a magazine. You can't just leave!

Fallout 2: Sulik does jet. Sulik does jet. Sulik does jet. Sulik doesn't have enough action points.
by scifiducky October 05, 2009
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