for this one, your gonna need five girls. first, you fist one, as far as you, then you fist the other one and as far you can, then you proceed to ram your foot into one of they pussy, then you do the same to the other girl. so by this point you should have four writhing females and each limb. and to put the icing on the cake, you shove your head (not your dick head, your actual head) into her vagina. you should now be prepared to head into battle.
Griff, being the piimp that he is, managed to get five chicks and he totally suit of armored them.
by Whackassbitch09 October 23, 2007
A sexual act when a group of 30+ men ejaculates on a woman and the woman then waits for the semen to dry. The woman is then incased in a suit made of dry semen.
Yo nigga, me and the football team and the baseball team all got together last night and treated Sooz to a Swiss Suit Of Armor. The bitch couldn't move.
by Tyco Brahe June 22, 2006