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1) In the TV show Futurama, a box similar to a telephone booth where you would enter and decide how you want your suicide to be: Quick and Painless or Slow and Painful. Bender made Suicide boxes before meeting Fry.

2) Nickname for the vehicles used during World War II that would transport soldiers onto beaches for raids. They were given the nickname based on the fact that when the doors opened, the soldiers inside were wide open and exposed to enemy gunfire.
1) Watch the first episode of Futurama
2) Watch the first 15 minutes of Saving Private Ryan
by Matt May 15, 2004
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1. A suicide box is a cunt that you fall into, can't find your way out of, so you have to kill yourself.

2. (rare) A cunt that's so beautiful that when you look upon it you kill yourself. Stupid people kill themselves before they fuck said cunt.
1. So this is my life. Trapped in a suicide box. *Breaks own neck*

2. Yo, dat be a suicide box, y'all. *Breaks own neck*
by Wonaldo April 18, 2008
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