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Literally the craziest person you’ll ever meet! When you see her the first thing you might notice is either the curl ones of her hair of the grand size of her eyes! She is a HUGE book nerd and is a pescatarian. She is quite loud but she doesn’t realize it half the time. Her favorite things include rice and beans, the color purple, books, movies and sleeping. Also, most people will mispronounce her name to be “Su-E” and others will have no clue in how to say it correctly.
Jennifer: “What do you think Suhey is doing right now?”

Daisy: “Probably curled up in bed with 10 books and a bowl of rice and beans

Jennifer” “lol, you’re prob right”
by garcya March 19, 2019
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a very small girl with a big imagination. pancake lover. chocoholic and textaholic! dont ever eat anything she cooks cause you might explode. very intelligent and witty. she will either grow up to be some kind of scientist or work in a telemedia company but either way might blow up the place. u can always find a suhey in a social network online but even der she will blow ur|! the girl in the green clothes.

her name back way is hey su!

suhey get off ur cell!

suhey get off facebook!

hey su!
by LONERZ December 05, 2011
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