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Sughosh is infinite and multi-faceted. He is generally a level headed person but when he comes under pressure and is compelled to make a decision thats when things get vexed.

Sughosh is a kind compassonate individual. He is a man of complete integrity and exemplary manners. He is a man of little words, believing that his actions will speak louder than words. He has a dynamic work ethic. He is strong, handsome, sexy and beautiful. He is intelligent, funny, loyal, trustworthy, full of charisma, loving, teasing, sweet and thoughtful.

Sughosh always likes to plan and think ahead for the most part. John strives to do things for the better, hardly selfish, observant and loves his family.

He leads a very intense life and proves himself hardy in doing so.

A guy that is outgoing and friendly. Everyone knows of him but he keeps very few close friends.

Sughosh has a playful side to him when he feels at ease with someone that he befriends. He can then be a total goof! Once you befriend Sughosh he will be your friend for life. He is loved more than he'll ever realise.

Girls love him, guys want to be like him, Batman envies him
Aditi: "Why are you smiling?"

Girl : " I'm smiling because I have a Sughosh in my life."
by Darkseid@82 May 26, 2017
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