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a nickname made to describe someone who's like a fairy unseen to most but, found by those who are truley looking.... be careful how you treat someone with this name because they are clever and smart and can see you for just who you are.

Always smiling and happy and trying to make others feel happy too. Loves to joke and laugh and is very playful. Only serious about her goals and ambitions to make the world a better place through communication and understanding.

Like a child they are able to enjoy the world around them and see beauty in things most do not. Also, very smart and wise to whats really there and a realist at times. Full of spirit and love. See's the bright side to dark situations.
Man: "I was feeling really sad and confused about so many things in my life until I met this person, Suggaplum."

Friend: "Really? Why are you feeling better now?"

Man: "Because I have someone who cares about me...and I care about me I see things so differently now!"
by Jj sullenfuss July 06, 2012
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