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Sugarbagged :verb, Being swindled by greedy corporations , (or anyone for that matter) on large and small levels especially where diminishing quantity is a factor!

I first noticed the disparity of the sugar bag diminishing from 5 pounds to 4 pounds and still costing the same as the 5 pound bag. I was infuriated that they were so bold! After that I saw this insidious act replicated on many other products, such as cheese , lunch meats,and pretty much everything else. I am sure that you have noticed it too, and it keeps happening. So now I have incorporated this term into my linguistic repertoire to continually remind me how large corporations are sticking it to us all the time . Now they have the ability to buy elections as a "citizen" and are influencing changes that directly benefit them and and inversely affect us. Stop the hate! Come together! Now is the time to unify! Racism keeps us separate and we are easier to control and take advantage of.Look beyond the hype and let's solidify as a force that has the capability to change the status quo and stop a force that only seeks to be our master and we it's slaves. Don't underestimate Corporate Underhandedness. Negate Tyranny ... Peace...
We recently (when the greedy bastards took $2 more in tax on a pack) resorted to rolling loose tobacco cigarettes and now that we do, a pack only holds 18. My bro in law wanted to buy a pack from me and I told him that a pack now consists of 18 and not 20 smokes. I told him " sorry dude , you got sugarbagged."
by tomswinkle March 30, 2011
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