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A sugar-pinata is an elderly women (aged 85+) whom is dating a young gentleman (effectively a sugar-baby) and has written the young fellow into her will, leaving all her money to him after her timely demise. From this point on she is a sugar-pinata because if the young man 'does his duties well enough', he shall break her hip, cause a fatal trauma leading to her death and thus gain her life earnings. Metaphorically he broke the sugar-pinata and money came out in a similar fashion to how sweets come out of a pinata commonly used at Mexican children's birthday parties.
University student 1: Dude, how you afford that YOLO-swag flat?
University student 2: I meet a sugar-pinata and I released her from this plain of existence using my dick. Now I am even richer.
University student 1: Brah, yo dick kills.
University student 2: Keep talking like that and I'll make sure your grandmother becomes my next paycheck. I am sick to fucken death of poor people.
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by Sa+anluvr123 January 25, 2017
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