When you’re going to fuck up somebody’s fuck.
Kid: You’re sugar gay!

Sugar Ray: I’m gonna fuck up your fuck!
by nflos June 23, 2018
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someone who is gay, but will not admit it, usually a celebrity. They use tactics such as yelling to deny themselves, but sometimes they will let it slip and accidently yell something gay
"Have you seen Mark McGrath lately"
"Yeah bro Sugar Gay much?"
by kmj48 April 02, 2019
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a person who acts gay but your not sure so they are sugargay
It’s not confirmed that Morgan is gay, but I can tell he’s sugargay
by muslim rapist September 13, 2018
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When you’re so obsessed with something, that when you see it your dick gets hard
Wow I’m so sugar gay for maroon 5 vinyls
by Kbuerkie May 29, 2018
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