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A suga shane is YOUR daddy. A suga shane is the definition of a sex fiend, drop dead sexy, girls just dream about him all the time and their pants instantly fall to the ground when they see one. They are extremely rare.. like a liger. Speaking of ligers he resembles a tiger, in the sheets of course. Suga shane's can be excellent boyfriends if you're not a cheating hooker.. they can also be great pimps. After all, they are your daddies. If you find a Suga Shane, tie him up, stuff him in your trunk, take him to your house, bang him til he can't go any longer, and ask him to marry you.
Bob: Wow, look at that guy!

Me: That's not your average guy, that's a Suga Shane.


Bob: You look so happy, why?

Me: Suga Shane was in my dream last night.
by Me, bitches January 26, 2011
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