The denominalization of the word suedehead.
From the Morrissey song of the same name.
When an ex-lover won't leave you alone, even when you keep telling them it's over. To the point where you're sick of them and just remember the good sex you two once had.
My ex boyfriend is suedeheading me. He keeps calling and texting. It was fun but it's over now.
by LOOPY! January 3, 2018
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Suedehead is not really in use anymore, except maybe by freshcut skinheads. Suedehead was a term for skins who had grown their hair out a bit and were, in dress, less shocking than the skins. You were more likely to catch them in a long coat with an umbrella (tip sharp and painted black), than in boots and braces.
He used to be a skin, but he's a suedehead now.
by joe e. knuckles October 23, 2005
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