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Girls who repeatdly screw guys over for their own enjoyment. (verb)- A female who is most likely young, who will tell men what they want to hear in order to make herself feel better. Most generally these women are disguised octopusses who have mutated to human form and intend to suck the life out of every normal, decent, and legitimate guy. Basically any girl who says she wants to do stuff with you, seems all happy about it, then when it comes down to the nitty gritty she says shes got shit to do and they want nothing to do with you EVERYTIME. These bitches gotta be exterminated !
This one bitch named Sara Anne Trujillo told me she >.< needs to see me more when she knows I have a busy life so I proceeded to have my life wasted by this creature we call a suckypuss.

This other hoe named Mercedes comments on every dude's facebook status in the twelfth grade with a ":), <3, >.<, ;), 8==D. WHAT A FUCKING SUCKYPUSS!!!!!"
by lonestoner January 17, 2012
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