The answer that Sean Connery gave during an episode of Saturday Night Live.
Alex Trebek: Let's see what you wagered...Suck it Trebek.
by Nathan B. September 5, 2007
Just like saying..Screw you guy! or Fuck off you!
Only in a funnier reference to the Jepardy host.
Its just a big HAHA to the person you are talking to.
Lexi makes fun of Matt saying 'haha my pants dont have white spots'
Matt replies 'oh well, im going to start a trend, so "Suck it Trebek"!'

get it?
by MattRouge April 7, 2009
1. A phrase commonly associated with a quote from a Sean Connery vs. Trebek skit in "Saturday Night Live"

2. A phrase basically telling the host of Jeopardy to suck it. In similar meaning used everyday to tell someone who seemingly knows all the answers (or thinks they do) to suck it.
P1:"I got a C on my test..."

P2: "I got an A!!!"

P1: "Suck it Trebek!"
by The Sean Connery December 23, 2009