A woman. Especially those that steal men away from their friends.
Eric used to be a good roomate. Now he spends all of his time with a succubus.
by Rrraaymundo January 27, 2006
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A sex demon. Sometimes she has bat wings on her head or back. But that enhances her sexiness.

The plural for succubus is succubi or succubii.
Morrigan and Lilith from CAPCOM's Darkstalkers/Night Warriors *drool*.
by Crono February 26, 2003
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A demon woman sent straight from the bowels of Hell that sucks the life out of any man unfortunate enough to be with her. She also screws over any male that she has ever been with after the relationship has ended.
Emily is the biggest succubus on the planet.
Ms. Higham is a succubus and always will be.
by hatersofsuccubi September 17, 2011
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A Succubus is a temptress whose sole purpose is to thrive off of their victims like a parasite until they are no longer useful. Most sucessful succubi (plural) will have already selected and courted their next victim.
"That blonde fitness model Mindi is a prolific succubus, but then again- so are many women who have lived in Orange County."
by Grenholm January 24, 2012
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An evil lady who will feast upon your soul and leave a dry bag of bones in your place, hence the name succubus. She is a hot mama though.
Chef from South Park almost had his lifeforce sucked out by the succubus he almost married.
by Roberto Hamberto April 02, 2003
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A female angel who appears to be a very gentle mannered woman and has sex with a man in his sleep; the man's dreams become a reality

A Succubus does not eat a man's soul during sex, rather let him sleep peacefully and the man wakes up feeling invigorated
A succubus visited me last night, and I feel great. Hopefully she will return every night, or at least every Friday.
by vetclinician April 03, 2019
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A deceitful con artist female whom trolls for legit men to take care of her finacially . while she lives a second life behind his back..as a crack house whore cant get enough crack or dick..and drains the legit man dry leaving a husk finacially ..emotionally..when he finds out the relationship was a scam from jump.
Man stand clear of that bitch she is nothing but a crack hoe succubus..she ll play legit to your face but when your back us turned she be running to the crack house to get her fix of crack and black dick.and when you find out her true heart you be a broken mess
by Crackedupcracker March 10, 2017
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