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The term "trailer trash" is becoming less and less useful to describe most (white) Americans. Most trailer trash have moved out of trailer parks and into suburban communities filled with McMansions, Starbucks, smoke shops, Denny's, and Chinese buffets. They've become suburban trash. While trailer trash know they're trashy and revel in their trashiness, suburban trash rate themselves unjustifiably high in terms of class and sophistication and are thus, extremely obnoxious and deluded.

Some character traits of suburban trash:

The girls/women wear juicy couture and uggs.
They think Red Lobster is a high end restaurant
BMW is their dream car.

They're trying to quit smoking
They drink energy drinks like Red Bull
They're proud of having a degree from a community college
They can name everyone on Jersey Shore.

The women hope to become either a nurse, a real estate agent, or a flight attendant.

The men hope to marry a nurse, a real estate agent, or a flight attendant.

They try to be intellectual by watching the History or Discovery channels, or by reading National Geographic
They try to be sophisticated by drinking White Zinfandel
They complain about trailer trash ruining their neighborhood
Hannah wears clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch and carries a Juicy Couture handbag because she thinks it'll impress the rich guys at the University. Little does she know that they think she looks like a spoiled, low class suburban trash airhead, especially once she starts talking about the latest Jersey Shore episode.
by WTNation May 02, 2011
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