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Subpeona, a horrid piece of paper that informs you that you have to go to court to give testimony. Commonly the cause of many heart attacks. Commonly opens with "You are hereby COMMANDED to appear."
I got a subpoena in the mail the other day, I almost messed myself.
by Matt Schmidgall January 8, 2005
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While doing a chick from behind one performs a donkey punch with a gavel and yells the name of their favorite supreme court justice.
John gave her a subpoena last night for added jurisprudence pleasure.
by natezane June 6, 2006
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A Subpoena actually or correctly is an order of a court which requires a person to be present at a certain time and place or suffer a penalty (subpoena means, literally, "under penalty"). This is the tool used by Court to ensure that witnesses present themselves at a given place, date and time to make themselves available to testify.
Subpoena to be present for a deposition at the Court or more practically, in one of the attorneys offices.
by DUHAIME July 6, 2005
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