Many desperate YouTubers with fewer than a thousand subscribers on their channel will subscribe to any channel just to gain an extra subscriber in exchange. This is regardless of how terrible the videos are. Unfortunately, some YouTubers who do have great talent, creativity, and wonderful video quality sink to the bottom of the Mariana Trench as hundreds of boring videos surface the Pacific islands.
Sub 4 Sub? I can't wait to see the latest crap!
by Gio Bandito February 25, 2015
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or "sub4sub" / "sub for sub"

Abbreviation for "Subscription for Subscription" on video-featured websites such as "".

Sub 4 Sub is a request to subscribe to your profile with a guarantee to subscribe to the subscriber's profile.

Essential for nerds with small self-confidence.
sub 4 sub any1 ? please rate ma new video!!!1
by Lex Hundt May 14, 2008
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