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A Blood-to-Bood Call Sign. When seeking recognition from another Blood Gang member, call out "Su-Woo!"

A greeting to another Blood gang member.

The "Su" and "Woo" are said like the word "Moo"
Suwoo my nigga, what poppin cuddy?
by Rich8myfood December 03, 2007
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A slang callin out bloods. Like Crips, it's Cuhz Cuhz, Bloods are SUWOO
Yo waddup. SUWOOOOOOOOOOOOO, eff' em krabz, CK all day nicca.
by Lihzzyy Lohannn February 02, 2008
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A universal blood (gang) call used to let like members of the gang know when tha fuckin police are in tha vicinity or on the way. The term "Su" and "Woo" originate from the sound of the police siren ringin "SuuuuuWooooooooo"

Also a blood greeting.
"Yo Nashawn dat Five-0 bout to be on tha scene like rat on cheese, ah fuck nigga there's one right now!"


"What up blood SuWoo"
by CheeezedTillHigh September 05, 2008
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what bloods yell aslo followed with Da Da Doe
can also be spelled Su-woop, sawoop

crip1:BANG BANG!!!
by turdburglertothamax July 10, 2008
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