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Stunt Picking is a form of cheating in a football pool. IF you belong to the type of football pool where you can pick different players each week and there IS a clause where you can also pick whether the teams those players belong to will win or lose for an extra 5 points per player picked and you pick a 3rd string or injured player who you know will not play but will definitely earn you 5 points exactly and help you in a "CLOSEST TO THE PIN" clause which earns you money for picking your exact total for the week, then you are "STUNT PICKING".
"Did you hear Andrew Cunanan won the closest to the pin this week by successfully Stunt Picking? What a jackass. On top of that, did you see him start ranting and raving about Gianni Versace when we threw him out of the pool for Stunt Picking? What the hell does Gianni Versace have to do with his Stunt Picking? That guy really makes me nervous."
by Kojak Maloney January 23, 2012
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