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When your stomach makes fart noises due to hunger/digestion.
Dude, during that Physics test all I could think about was lunch and I was stueefing the whole time.
by Derck25 December 18, 2010
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someone who identifies themselves as a man but has the ability and love of Queefing. To disable a stueefer from stueefing some possible solutions are

- get him to smoke more tree
- shotgun a beer with him
- tell him honey jack is the best liquor
- tell him jacob's dod is so poor
- get him some blowcain
- get him a 3 to rail out
"bro I can drink so much more than you and my mom makes so much more money than your dad" steve said
"dude why are you stueefing right now"


"dude did steve just stueef in the hotel room! Why is it black? Is he gonna choke on his own Stueef!" - jaakob
later the next morning...
"dude i just told the manager to suck me off and that I would pay the $500 fine with my mommy money" - Steve
by hamdidelachicken October 16, 2017
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