A student section is a group of usually more popular guys in a high school that don't play basketball yet attend all the games. They are complete assholes.
Ted - "Did you see that student section?"

Bill - "They were total assholes"
by the word on the street February 3, 2011
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Section of students that yell and cheer for their team. Students will even taunt the opposing team. A student section is supposed to be loud and obnoxious.
That student section was awesome last night. They got in the other teams head.
by Nschutte24 November 16, 2017
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A student section is a place where students go to party while watching sports on Friday nights. They cheer and taunt the other team (especially a rival team). Seniors usually run the student section, but there have been cases of students as young as 14 (freshmen) running it.
Moorpark's student section is called the Madhouse, Newbury Park's the Panther Pit, and Simi's the Maroon Mob. Basically what they do is cheer and taunt teams.
by Indopride April 7, 2020
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