An insulated holder for beer cans and bottles. Australian for koozie.
Man it's hot - have you got a stubby holder to keep my beer cold?
by korey g March 11, 2007
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I wanked for about 7 hours last night and now I need a stubby holder to walk
by masqn October 9, 2009
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When one gets extremely intoxicated and passes out, only to have his mates remove his strides and firmly plant a stubby up his arse.
Arrgghh look at the monkey. Can't handle his piss. Stick a goon up the bastards arse.

(moments later)

Look at him. Look at the stubby holder.
by Sloppy Hole May 4, 2005
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A game where the all participants have stubby holders (drink coolers) for their drinks. At any point when the Gamemaster calls out "Stubby holder check" all participants must show they are using their Stubby holder. Anyone caught without their Stubby holder must finish their drink.
Game master: calls out "Stubby Holder Check!"
Participant 1: holds drink in air with stubby holder
Participant 2: "Damn I don't have my stubby holder"
Gamemaster: "Now you must finish your drink"
by Jlaw1 August 19, 2022
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