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America's Next Favorite Pastime. A psuedo sport invented by seven sorta athletes. It's popularity has grown in size tremedously. The main focus of Stuball is fun and friendship. Teams compete for the fusion cup each year.
What are you doing on sunday?
uh...stuball what else.
by MERKUMBER May 21, 2010
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Stuball is a hand sewn four-panel cloth cat toy ball, which includes a four inch nylon tail in its construction. The panels are made of fleece, which creates the purrfect surface for cat claw activity.

The reason Stuball was invented was to help a couple of slightly pudgy indoor cats get some exercise that they wouldn’t have otherwise initiated on their own.

They had no idea they were creating the greatest cat toy known to kitties!
The Stuball is my cat’s favorite toy.
by Bobshortarm October 26, 2011
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An English Bloke. One with a large rugby type build and a perma-smile.

Someone who recieves stickers of little stewie griffin and puts them on their desk in remembrance of thier undercover lover.
Oh, Hey Stu. Who's a good little Stu ball? Your're a good little stu ball.

Oh that's so cute, how about i throw a fuckin dart in your neck.
by FDaddy September 01, 2009
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A hairy,yet hairless beast that resides in Queens NY. Although often heard yelling and screaming at his computer,he is rarely seen in daylight since he rises quite early to make a living. Also known as stu-bacca, he may be spotted on the East end of Long Island, jet skiing or In florida looking up old ladies dresses.
If you see or know a STUBALL, contact AR
by JAKKED March 31, 2007
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5'11"-6' white dude who weighs in at about 204-208 lbs. His friends are his world. Patriotic, but hates politicians. Enjoys eating, sleeping, going to youth group, eating BBQ, calling people DOOSHES, and will beat the crap out of you if you piss him off. He has 5 speeds. 1)Park. 2)Walk. 3)Jog. 4)Run. 5) OH CRAP, you better hope you're more scared of me than I am pissed off at you! He is a nice guy who hates annoying people, and wants Jenny to make him a sandwich. Also, very hungry.
(Random Dude): Who are you, and why are you so weird?
(Me): I'm the Stuball, DOOSH! If you don't like it, then too bad for you. Now go make me a sandwich!
by The Stuball December 05, 2008
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