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A combination of the words Straight and Dyke. It's a very positive term used for describing women who are not actually gay but come across as if they were. This can be due to a combination of many things: their clothing style, their inclination towards the queer world, their favourite TV-show being the L-word, that they wish they were gay, or being a strong ally actively supporting lesbians.
Marta is such a great Stryke! She makes me feel like I've got a lesbian friend but without there being any sexual tension.

If Nicole is organising the party, I'm sure there will be lots of lesbians there. She's a total Stryke.
by Anelia January 23, 2020
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"allow it" means to just leave something alone, or don't worry about it. People in West London say this quite often.
Ahmed: Wanna walk to the station?
Joseph: Nah, allow it blud, can't be arsed, I'mma get the bus.
by ak47 February 27, 2004
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Also being known as Stryke Airsoft, it is an airsoft store located on 1525 Mesa Verde E #105, Costa Mesa, California, 92626
I'm going down to stryke today to buy a new TM p90.
by ........blah...... July 05, 2008
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